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T-Ben Geng

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T-Ben Geng
T-Ben Geng

Oyedeji Benjamin popularly knows as T-Ben as he makes another hit and many more with artists like @AmgMedical ” Self Determination – Man like Nkrumah” is the title of the into the track.

This into the track as “Man like Nkrumah” talks about the price to be paid to separate oneself from poverty and struggling through the impossible to gain popularity or to penetrate the defense of the opposition.

With the intension of uniting Africans, T-Ben vows to use music as a tool to be uniting forces to fight against the supremacy of whites while promoting the unity of Africa.

Africans need to free themselves from mental slavery and no one can help us except ourselves.

Talking about songs, T-Ben draws inspiration from circumstances surrounding him and personal experiences. His unique music style allows listeners to discover the hidden messages as he sings which ios a catalyst to the future of the Afro-pop genre.

according to fans, his style of music is based on laying down verses with a cadence that constantly changing and hidden lines that make his listeners think outside the box to affiliate meanings to the value of his lyrics.

He gained popularity through his groundbreaking show held at hill’s resort “Lagos 2 Ho” which had massive attendance at the breakthrough phase of his show, the T-Ben show. He was acknowledged for his number of performances in the region.


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